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if you go down to the woodsmettafore wrote
on November 15th, 2005 at 10:44 pm

after Release Your Plans, a still life by Daniel Sprick

Assemble the following from empty to emptiest:

(a) candlestick, tarnished
(b) eggshell, partial
(c) spoon, bent

There are too many shades of white to choose from.

The room’s boundaries are defined by mirrors.
A table’s soul is in its expectation of purpose.
The upholding of distractions.
The support of delicate vessels.
Canvas for spills and passages.

This table is bundled,
disguising its purpose.
A wrinkled sheet softened under desire
shrouds its steadfast angles.

1. The overexposed photograph in which her hair frays into the sky and her outline is bright vapor.

Twine is wound in a ficus tree
While some of the limbs have
succumbed it is harder to bind

the living.

A rug is a rectangle of probability,
attrition of its meaningless pattern
a direct result of exponential hesitation.

2. One curtain left in one window, the sun behind it warming white to ivory with light alone.

This is arranged


Although the roses’ blossomed heads
have been sentenced to severance
for their unabashed sentimentality
still they float ceiling-ward, suspended martyrs.

3. The other curtain crumpled on the floor, whiting out the femur bone.

Somewhere beyond this picture,
a child from another composition
has freed a window from a wand: soap gypsy
The ephemeral sphere divines
entire lifetimes in its tremble.

Faceless plates hang
waiting for oblivion or gratitude.
Offering, offering, offering.

4. Her favorite “seashell,” was the lining of a mussel, iridescent white dustings
disintegrating every time she touched it.

Broken glass glints friendly
littering the floor with reincarnation.
Whole bottles recollected.

Everything can be
(Rock, Paper, Scissors)
by something else.

3. But

confined or acquitted,


will remember their crimes.

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if you go down to the woods

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